What is UFC Foundation? How it works

The UFC Foundation is non-profit & dedicated to assisting several philanthropic groups and projects across the state of Nevada. The UFC Foundation, which was founded in 2021, is committed to having a good influence on the Nevada community by aiding individuals battling serious and life-threatening illnesses, encouraging youngsters, and pushing for public service and equality.


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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows athletes from a variety of combat sports to compete using a wide range of fighting methods and talents. The regulations permit the use of striking and grappling maneuvers from both a standing and a seated position. Athletes from a variety of backgrounds can compete in competitions.


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The UFC has transformed the fight industry and is now the largest Pay-Per-View (PPV) event provider in the world, in addition to being a premium global sports brand.


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UFC®, which began as a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in 1993, revolutionized the fight industry and is now the largest Pay-Per-View (PPV) event provider in the world as well as a premium global sports brand.

According to UFC, competitive MMA has a long history that dates back to Pankration, a Greek Olympic Games competition that was first held in 648 BC. A Brazilian style of MMA called Vale Tudo (anything goes) first attracted attention in the region about 80 years ago. Then, UFC brought structured, approved MMA to the country.

A single-night competition comprising the top athletes proficient in the many martial arts disciplines, including karate, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, sumo, and other combat sports, was held with the aim of finding “the Ultimate Fighting Champion.” The champion would be determined by the outcome of the competition.

In January 2001, the UFC brand rebuilt MMA into a highly organized, sanctioned, and controlled combat sport under the new ownership of Zuffa, LLC and under the supervision of owners Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Dana White. The UFC, which has its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas and a network of employees all around the world, organizes more than 40 live events each year that routinely sell out some of the most prominent arenas in the world.

More than 60 global broadcast partners provide UFC programming to more than 1.1 billion TV households across more than 165 countries and territories, and it is available in more than 40 different languages. Among the top sports properties, UFC has the biggest percentage of millennials (ages 18 to 34) in its fan base, at 40%.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) introduced UFC FIGHT PASS® in December 2013. This digital membership service offers fans around the world access to thousands of fights on demand, unique live events, and original programming.

The UFC has continually pursued the highest standards of security and excellence in all facets of the sport over the years. The organization was the first in combat sports to offer its athlete’s accident insurance coverage for injuries sustained during training. It has also worked to dispel gender stereotypes and establish new standards for athlete health and welfare.

UFC teamed up with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to begin a historic and extensive anti-doping program in July 2015 as part of its continued dedication to the health and safety of its athletes. The UFC initiative enables USADA to independently carry out arbitrary in- and out-of-competition testing of its fighters year-round, which is a first in combat sports.

UFC debuted its first-ever athlete outfitting policy and UFC fight kit in July 2015. The branded clothing developed in collaboration with Reebok, the UFC’s only global outfitter, was introduced to raise the brand’s appearance and to give athletes top-notch equipment designed for MMA competitors.

The UFC Performance Institute, which is dedicated to providing the world’s best MMA training facilities to support the scientific development of athletes and coaches, injury prevention, recovery, treatment, and rehabilitation of professional athletes, broke ground on a new global corporate campus in Las Vegas in December 2015.

The Professional Fighters Brain Health Study continues to receive sponsorship from UFC, which in February 2016 announced a one million dollar donation and a five-year extension of its collaboration with Cleveland Clinic. The goal of the study is to provide tools for identifying the earliest and most subtle indicators of brain damage in athletes who have suffered head trauma as well as to identify those who may be more susceptible to long-term neurological conditions.

The largest-ever financial acquisition of a sports franchise, UFC was acquired by the worldwide leader in sports, entertainment, and fashion, Endeavor, along with strategic partners Silver Lake Partners and KKR, in August 2016.

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