The Best Laptop Stands to Save Your Neck

A GOOD laptop stand may improve your quality of life. A stack of outdated books should probably be replaced, and you should quit straining your neck while working. The finest laptop stand lift the display almost to eye level, which is preferable for preserving good posture. Some even fold up into a little package for simple transport or change from a sitting to a standing position. These are the ones we like.

For your home office, do you need extra options? Read our guide to Work-From-Home Gear.

The Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter, a stylish riser from HumanCentric, the Next and travel stand, and Victor’s Mobile Adjustable Standing Desk have all been added since the article was last updated in August 2022. We also updated all the links and pricing.

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Peripheral Areas Are Vital

Peripheral Areas Are Vital

Getting one of the laptops stands down below is only one of many ways you may sit more upright at a desk. Another option is to connect your laptop to a different computer display. With two displays, multitasking will be simpler and you won’t have to strain your neck as much.

With some of this laptop stands, a separate keyboard and mouse work well. You won’t have to extend your arms awkwardly to write thanks to these accessories, which allow you to position your laptop at different heights and distances. Check out the choices in our Best Keyboards and Best Gaming Mouse recommendations to avoid wrist pain and muscular aches. (Using a gaming mouse doesn’t need you to be an avid player!)

Best overall: Laptop Tower Stand by ObVus Solutions

I tried a bunch of Laptop stands, but I always end up back at the ObVus Solutions Tower. It is strong, light, and stylish (as far as office supplies go). Its ability to be elevated to different heights and positions, which should fit most people’s home or office settings, is something I really like.

Without a standing desk (unless you are extremely tall), you can easily transition from sitting to standing, but changing the height and angle does need some strength. That’s definitely for the best since it won’t fall over and spill your coffee all over the place while you’re working. Since 2020, I have continuously used it, and it has remained faultless and just as durable. And it’s often on sale.

Converters for standing desks: Monoprice Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Converters for standing desks: Monoprice Sit-Stand Desk Converter

You’ll need something larger than our top selection if you currently have a desk that you enjoy but want to include a sit-stand routine into your workday with all of your accessories. The greatest option is standing desk converters. The main drawback to all of them is that the desk space under the stand, which might otherwise be utilized for storage, will be lost. I suddenly found myself having to make room on my desk for items that were typically hidden away, making it appear worse.

The Desk Converter from Monoprice is less expensive than the majority of standing workstations and is easy to use. To raise or lower the stand, press one of the buttons on each side. It is remarkably small and lightweight at its lowest setting.

To get some standing (and walking!) in, I’ve been contently utilizing Fully’s Cora Standing Desk Converter ($179). Although it costs a little more than Monoprice, it is also more elegant, particularly in white. It can be raised using the levers on each side from 1.3 inches to 15.7 inches, or any height in between, and even at its slimmest, it doesn’t seem obtrusive. It’s simple to control, but take care to maintain control while shutting it. For the first several times, I accidentally banged it down.

Superjare Dual Monitor Stand Riser, a Budget Stand

Superjare Dual Monitor Stand Riser, a Budget Stand

My Superjare laptop stand is still one of my faves even after I tested every other model for this buying guide. I’ve used it intermittently for a few years. Despite being constructed of particleboard, it is sturdy enough to support my laptop and monitor. It’s a welcome change from the industrial-style metal stands. It is also very reasonably priced!

You may collapse the sides into the center or remove them totally. There are three sections: one main component and two movable sides. For a better two-screen solution, I sometimes use just the center for my monitor or the full thing to hold my laptop slightly inclined on the left side (with the ObVus stand too). What’s best? For storing notebooks, a keyboard, and other items that often clog up my desk, there is room beneath. This is not a good choice if you sometimes want to stand up and work. Additionally, carrying it from room to room is difficult. But it will work if you plan to spend most of your time at a desk.

Nnewvante Laptop Stand – Work from the Bed or Couch

Even though I like my desk (and computer display), I’ve been working from home since 2018, and sometimes it’s just too difficult to get out of bed in the morning or get off the sofa in the afternoon. For those lazy days, the Nnewvante, which is also included in our guide to home office equipment, is a superb stand.

The stand’s height can’t be changed, but you can lift the base to a comfortable angle for whatever you’re doing—sketching, watching a movie on a tablet, having breakfast, or working on a laptop—and a built-in stopper prevents anything from falling into your lap.

For your morning coffee, the smaller, flat surface on the right is ideal. Even a lovely, little compartment for trinkets is included! Additionally, you may fold the legs for thinner storage when you’re through using it. It feels wonderful and is made of bamboo, which is even better.

Alternatives to Aluminum: Other solutions to go from your desk to bed or the sofa are the Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Best Laptop Stand ($43) and the very similar Smart Universal Laptop Stand ($80). Pressing each button allows for simple adjusting of the leg joints (they lock again when they snap into place). Both of them may be used while seated at a desk or while laying down by shifting and tilting them.

A detachable mouse pad is included with the uncaged stand. Since neither is as solid as the Nnewvante, we do not advise using a separate keyboard with either. Frenetic typing away from a laptop may cause them to move somewhat, but you wouldn’t likely do that from bed.

Yogibo Traybo 2.0’s A Lap Desk Works Too

Yogibo Traybo 2.0's A Lap Desk Works Too

Although the Nnewvante is excellent and reasonably priced, a lap desk is a better choice for sporadic work away from a traditional desk. Even in cars, it functions. The lap desk from Yogibo features a bamboo top and a soft cushion bottom that feels good against your legs (unsurprising from a brand renowned for its pillows and bean bags).

Most importantly, since there are no legs to wobble on, the whole tray remains still while you write. A tablet or phone may be placed in the slot to view movies or participate in video chats. When you’re through working, you may put the computer away and utilize the lap desk to comfortably write or sketch.

The Mbar Pro+ by Rain Design is the Most Simple Laptop Stand.

The Mbar Pro+ by Rain Design is the Most Simple Stand.

The Rain Design Laptop stand is basic and composed of lightweight aluminum, yet it is robust. Take it from your workplace to your living room or a coffee shop without fear of it buckling while you type. It can fit in any bag that you’d use to carry a laptop because of how little it folds up—just 9.5 x 6 inches. It doesn’t even weigh a pound. It raises a laptop to a fixed height while angling it by around 5 inches.

If mounted horizontally, the mBar Pro Plus can accommodate iPads up to 9.7 inches in size. Additionally, there are two Laptop stands: the mBar ($25) stand, which lifts a laptop 3 inches without folding, and the mBar Pro ($55), which does the same but folds.

More From Rain Design: This company sells a wide variety of supports for iMacs and tablets, including the iGo stand, which resembles a robot. I used the mStand 360 ($60), which swivels on a disc like a lazy Susan, and I loved it. The iLevel ($65), which features a slider to effortlessly modify the height while your laptop is on it, caught my attention as well. All were created with Apple devices in mind, but the majority ought to function with other computers as well; just be sure to double-check the specifications.

Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand – If Appearance Is Important

Grovemade’s Walnut Laptop Stand might help your home office blend in with the rest of your décor. Julian Chokkattu, the reviews editor for WIRED, suggests it in his guide to home office equipment, noting that it works best on a desk or table to free up space for a separate keyboard and mouse, but it may also be used on a sofa. The laptop stand has a stainless steel stop to prevent your laptop from slipping off, and cork makes up the stand’s feet to keep them from shifting.

The magnificent American black walnut foundation can hold up to 200 pounds. Just be aware that it will cost some money. An alternative that looks just as good is Grovemade’s Walnut Laptop Riser ($180), which we also tested and enjoyed (and is very light). Both stands are fixed; but, if you want a greater angle for your laptop, use the Riser. The company also sells equally attractive monitor stands.

Budget-Friendly Style: HumanCentric Laptop Riser

Consider this HumanCentric stand if you want style but don’t want to fork out the exorbitant money for Grovemade. It has a basic, contemporary, but attractive vibe thanks to the combination of its cylindrical metal base and plywood with black walnut veneer. It contrasted well with my dark hardwood desk and supported my laptop.

VariDesk’s portable laptop stand is ideal for sporadic standing.

If you’re tall, the Varidesk is a good alternative for standing. Your laptop is raised by 12 inches or 2 inches more than the Moft stand below. Although it may not be at eye level, I actually liked using it for little periods of time during the day. It weighs a little over 2 pounds, folds quite flat, and fits in my backpack. Additionally, the VariDesk includes a handy squeeze-to-unlock mechanism that prevents it from collapsing while you’re using it. Additionally, the price has decreased from its initial $125 to $75, so we hope it remains there.

A Moft Z 5-in-1 Sit-Stand Desk with Multiple Height Adjustments

There are five simple configurations for the Moft Z 5-in-1 stand. You may stand for a short time in ease at its 10-inch highest point. Choose the ObVus Solutions Tower if you spend most of the day standing up since it can go higher and is more likely to be at most people’s eye level. However, the thing I appreciate most about this one is how thin it folds down to, making it easy to carry anyplace without adding much weight.

The Moft Smart Desk Mat is a Desk Sidekick.

The angularity of Moft is seen in this Smart Desk Mat. It has been a useful work companion; at just under 20 inches long and magnetic, it can support your laptop while giving you space to attach your phone to the wireless charger and use the note holders to keep a to-do list visible.

There are three available packages, each with a distinct set of extras. The Digital Kit ($158) includes a wireless charging station, cable organizers, a tablet holder (I had to watch a video to find out how to fold it precisely), and a sticker to make any phone magnetic.

Book and note holders are included in the $128 Smart Paper Kit, or you may get the whole set for $187. The nicest wrist rest I’ve ever used is included in every kit, and if you connect it to the bottom of the mat and work from the sofa, it may also serve as a leg cushion. For $14, you can add an Apple Watch holder.

Additionally, the mat has two integrated NFC hot spots that can be customized using the Shortcuts app for iPhones. You must to download the NFC Tools app for Android before you can see an NFC option under Settings Connected Devices Connection Preferences. (I applied it to timers that were automatically set for a more organized workday.)

G.flow Stone Folding Laptop Stand: A Sustainable Stand

This stand is built from a single sheet of recycled stone paper that has been painstakingly folded into the shape of an accordion using leftover stone from the mining industry. When unfolded, it provides a good viewing angle and supports your laptop steadily—I was amazed it didn’t give way under the weight.

When folded, it is just an inch thick and portable. I deliberately spilled my coffee on it, and I was able to clean it up without leaving any wrinkles or stains behind since it is waterproof.

The better office passage desk converter is a converter that includes a keyboard tray.

With a separate keyboard tray, you can position it to your whim, this standing desk converter provides you even more room than the Monoprice one—a feature I didn’t realize I needed until I got it. You won’t have as much free space on your desk since it’s larger and bulkier but it’s really simple to lift and lower without any effort.

It costs roughly $300 more than the Monoprice choice as well. The price range of the standing workstations we reviewed is between $300 and $600. Only if you enjoy its design, the price doesn’t surprise you, and you already have a desk you like are you a suitable candidate for this alternative.

The best iPad apps Twelve South ParcSlope

The ParcSlope is another hit from Twelve South, which also offers some of our favorite iPad accessories. It lifts your smartphone by 18 degrees and is a basic stand. It tilts your laptop into a little more comfortable typing posture, but if you often sketch or use an iPad for business, this stand is more appropriate (or another tablet). It maintains it just slightly slanted so that using a touchscreen is comfortable.

Victor High Rise Mobile Adjustable Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray, Take Your Desk to Go

Victor’s mobile standing desk can be a wise purchase if you lack the room to set up a full work area. Although it is still more expensive than many full-size workstations, it is portable and has a smaller footprint. And at 44 inches, you can lift it very easily to a standing position. This portable workstation features a keyboard tray, unlike several others I’ve seen.

Although I’m not the handiest person, it was a nightmare to put together since I unintentionally screwed several components on backward after following the straightforward instructions. I’m convinced that anybody can put it together if I can eventually.

Lention C-95 Docking Station, a Docking Station

Thank glad Apple reinstated ports lately, but it doesn’t assist those of us who can’t afford to spend $2,000 or more on a new computer when we already have a working MacBook Pro at home. The Lention 11-in-1 docking station fixes the aggravating shortage of ports if you’re in a similar situation.

Instead of hanging over the side, it stays hidden behind your laptop and keeps everything connected in. Although it doesn’t provide much of a stand, it does provide a little lift, which is better than nothing. Additionally, you may use it with another laptop stand. (I use the ObVus with it.)

HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort connectors, SD and Micro SD card readers, one USB-C port, two USB 3.0, and one USB 2.0, Ethernet, and a 3.5-mm audio jack are all included in this dock. On the business’s website, you may view a list of compatible (and incompatible) gadgets. Check out our guide to the Best USB Hubs and Docks for additional choices.

More Laptop Stand for Honorable Mentions

There are various laptop stand, and the majority of them work quite well. The choices below are worth considering even if we didn’t love them as much as our other favorites.

For around $45 you can get the lightweight, portable Nexstand Laptop Stand made of plastic. Additionally, it is movable so you may position your laptop precisely as you want. Monoprice The $24 Universal Riser requires some installation and has a mediocre finish, but it can support the weight of a display. And it’s affordable.

Priced at $25 for Moft’s Slim Stand and $30 for Universal Stand: You may adjust the keyboard’s angle by using the Slim stand, which is attached to the bottom of your laptop and available anytime you need it. If the air vents on your laptop are on the bottom, the Universal version is preferable since it lacks an adhesive.

Twelve For $67, South HiRise The sturdy aluminum construction of the HiRise and the nonslip arms ensure that your laptop won’t fall off. It works well in combination with a separate keyboard and mouse and has a limited height range. Although pricey for what it provides, the cost sometimes drops.

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