Things You Need To Know About Geek Vaper

The newest Geek vaper pod mod, the Aegis E100 Eteno Pod Mod Kit, will rank among the most excellent pod mod vaporizers available. Aegis is IP68-rated for durability and has a leakproof pod with maximum ventilation. It is the perfect device for portable sub-ohm vaping because it is both potent and small. The gadget is resistant to water, dust, stress, and leaks, making it a fantastic choice for vapers seeking a robust vape. It comes in two models with various power support options—one with an external 18650 battery and the other with a built-in 3000mAh battery.

The Details About Geek Vaper Kit

Both variants allow for extended vaping sessions and have a 100W output for direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. The kit includes two Geekvape P Series coils and the Geekvape E100 pod. It also has an AS-Chip 3.0 processor and performs well. Try Eteno to have endless entertainment!

With its novel, top-to-bottom airflow design and high-quality, long-lasting Geekvape P Coil, this leakproof pod improves the vaping experience. You don’t need to take the Geekvape E100 top-filling pod out of the device to add e-liquid.

On the top of the pod, there is an adjustable airflow that allows you to choose between a tighter or looser draw. The mesh design of the Geekvape P coils allows for quicker e-liquid heating and better flavor. Geek Vape advises using an e-liquid with a VG content of at least 70% for the best results.

The Version Second of Geek Vaper

The Aegis Hero Eteno E100 is smaller thanks to Geekvape’s Tri-Proof Technology’s second version. IP68-rated water and dust resistance and higher shock resistance provide improved protection in more challenging environments.

Intelligent Workplace Settings AS-Chip The 3.0 AS chipset is a powerful source of power for complex tasks. Automatically select the ideal output for the best flavor, and limit the ability to a maximum to avoid coil burnout. Additionally, you can choose from several modes to control how your E100 functions.

While Boost mode provides the most potent vape with each inhale, Smart mode will choose the best wattage for your chosen coil. For a more customized vape, use the variable wattage mode to select a wattage manually. Both Geekvape P Series coils that come with the kit will produce a lot of vapor. However, the 0.2 Ohm coil will do more.

E100i has a built-in 3000mAh battery, and an additional 18650 battery powers the Geekvape Aegis E100. Both devices have a steady output capacity of up to 100W. This extremely compatible pod may easily switch from pod to tank with a 510 magnetic adaptor. The E100 kit does not include the 510 adapters. However, you may purchase it separately.

What Vaping Style Do You Prefer?

Since there are so many various ways to vape, vaping is a vast industry that most novice vapers never even think to ask. To make the answer to this question simpler, it can be divided into two categories: mouth-to-lung vaping, which comes the closest to replicating the inhale of a cigarette, and direct lung vaping, which is a different kind of inhale. Direct lung vaping is typically used by people who have been mouth-to-lung vaping for some time and have reduced their nicotine levels.

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Type of Device

It would help if you considered a few things before making that decision.

Pen-style devices typically have a tall, cylindrical shape, an internal battery, a single button on the side for turning the device on and vaporizing your e-juice, and a battery charging port. They typically have a tank on top or one directly integrated into the storm, also known as an AIO or all-in-one kit. Both types have a reasonably priced replaceable coil that is simple to replace when it breaks.

Box style: the box style comes in a few different iterations. Some transitional box-style kits have either internal or substitutable battery options. Finally, come with a screen and knobs to modify power settings to tailor your vape more to your personal preferences. The starter style is typically designed similarly to the pen style above but has a larger built-in battery, hence the more box-like shape.

Pod style: The pod-style devices are typically smaller and more portable than other designs. They also usually have smaller battery capacities and proprietary pods that sit on top of the battery rather than tanks. These pods can either be fully closed, fully open or replaceable closed pods. Fully closed pods cannot be refilled and must replace when the liquid inside them runs out.

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After selecting your kit, the next step is to choose your e-liquid. There are thousands of flavors and varieties available, but most new vapers will need what’s known as a 50/50 liquid. These liquids are made for mouth-to-lung devices and help to hit a good throat to simulate the inhale of a cigarette. The choice of flavor is personal, so you may experiment with other options before settling on one. However, you should carefully consider the nicotine concentration because depending on how much you smoke, you can need a higher or lower nicotine dosage.

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