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Tesla Phone Pi : price, release date, and everything we know

Fans of Elon Musk have been avidly waiting for further information on the tentatively called Tesla Phone or Tesla Pi Phone ever since he tweeted about it in November 2022. There is no official news on the Tesla Pi Phone other than the original tweet, which even when it was released didn’t provide much information. And although smartphone makers sometimes keep information under wraps until they’re ready to release their devices to the public, there are still a lot of speculations about the smartphone.

Here is what we currently know about the Tesla Pi. Please remember to approach any unverified material with caution.

Tesla Phone concept

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There are several suggested designs for the Tesla Phone, however, the issue is that they are all just fan theories. There aren’t any manufacturer leaks, and there haven’t been any hardware hints, so there isn’t much to base official speculation on. The majority of fan designs foresee the Tesla Phone having a square form, a few buttons on the sides, and three to four back cameras, much like the big flagships from Google, Apple, and Samsung.

We may probably anticipate it to share certain design ideas with other Tesla devices if Tesla were to be the manufacturer of a phone sponsored by Elon Musk (however there is no evidence to indicate that would even be the case). According to that reasoning, the smartphone would probably have a slick, minimalist design intended to seem expensive.An intriguing notion of what a Tesla Phone would look like is seen in the image above, which is a fan-made rendering by Antonio De Rosa.

It has a metal body, a quad camera setup, and a large Tesla logo to tie the entire thing together. This article’s other renderings provide more ideas for the Tesla Phone. Again, they’re entertaining to look at but aren’t based on any verifiable leaks or rumors.

Specifications for the Tesla Phone

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There isn’t any spec information making the rounds on the internet that can’t be reduced to straightforward fan guesswork, just as with the rest of the material pertaining to the Tesla Pi Phone. According to rumors, the phone will employ one of Telsa’s octa-core processors, which power the displays in the company’s automobiles. This is reportedly one of the few significant technical features that might distinguish it from the other top smartphones now available.

Every time the Tesla Phone comes up in discussion, there are a few speculations that Tesla supporters keep repeating. Many think that a Tesla Pi Phone would be able to employ solar charging technologies to replenish its battery and connect to Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service. They’re intriguing ideas, but all they are at this point are ideas.

Tesla Phone software

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According to fan theories, the Tesla Pi will use an unrealized operating system named “TeslaOS” as its default operating system. The Linux distribution used by Telsas’ internal computers is not known as TeslaOS. There are Linux phones, such as the Pinephone or the Volla Phone, but they don’t seem to have the commercial traction that AndroidOS has. The Tesla Pi may be the first gadget to use Linux to enter the public if it were to operate on the same version of Linux as Tesla automobiles.

Nothing, however, even remotely suggests that’s the case. It is equally plausible that the Tesla Phone if it is in development, would employ an Android operating system. The operating system is quite flexible and can be used on a wide range of gadgets while yet seeming distinctive to each phone maker.

Using Android, however, would be rather disingenuous as Musk asserts that he is disinterested in interacting with the “duopoly” that he believes Google and Apple to hold over the mobile industry. On the other hand, since Musk often changes his mind about his convictions, it’s impossible to predict how things might turn out.

Release information for the Tesla Phone

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The Tesla Phone has not yet been given an official release date. There is an entirely unfounded rumor that it will debut at some point in the beginning of 2023, but there isn’t a shred of proof to back up that claim. In fact, if a Tesla Pi Phone release is indeed planned at all, there is a tonne of evidence pointing in that direction. Smartphones take a long time to produce, so if Musk is planning to release his own model and first got the idea in late November 2022, we shouldn’t anticipate it to be on sale until at least 2024.

Even while huge corporations like Google, Samsung, and Apple release a new flagship phone every year, these firms have a lot of experience making smartphones, unlike Elon Musk and the businesses he now controls. The timeline for manufacturing would probably lengthen considerably more if the Tesla Phone is intended to debut with a completely unique operating system. In the end, nothing indicates that the Tesla Pi Phone will be released any time soon, if at all.

What about the cost of the Tesla Phone? It will likely cost at least $1,000, much like the majority of the top smartphones on the market right now, if we had to guess. But at this time, making predictions about the cost of the Tesla Phone is mostly fruitless.

Why the Tesla phone won’t be produced

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Elon Musk changed the site’s policies after buying Twitter and installing himself as its CEO, making (what may be charitably described as) contentious modifications. He wants to change Twitter into a platform where his notions of free speech are accepted, which has led to the “amnesty” of previously banned accounts belonging to white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and other individuals who broke Twitter’s prior rules of service.

Apple is “threatening to withhold Twitter from its App Store,” according to Musk in a tweet, although he didn’t specify why. The CEO of Twitter also said that Apple had “largely ceased advertising” on the social media platform, albeit he was unable to explain why. The wealthiest guy in the world apparently finds it difficult to comprehend why a corporation like Apple would want to exercise some care in relation to the fire he’s lighting on Twitter.

In response to a tweet from podcaster Liz Wheeler, Musk said that he would create a “alternative phone” if Apple and Google decided to ban Twitter from their app stores. Many of the responses following his tweet encourage him and point out how fantastic it would be. That would be the case if by “excellent concept” the comments mean a total failure on almost every level. Wheeler asserts that since the guy “builds rockets to Mars” (though he does not), “a foolish little smartphone should be simple, right?” Wrong.

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Elon Musk seems to believe that Apple and Google control the smartphone industry via a “duopoly.” Despite the fact that the two firms dominate a sizable portion of the market, they are not the only significant manufacturers of popular smartphones. Some of the most well-known gadgets in the world are produced by companies like Samsung, Tecno, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus, and many more. With Samsung as an exception, they haven’t succeeded in the same manner that Apple and Google have in the U.S. and Europe. But it’s a very different scenario in Asia and Africa.

Fundamentally speaking, Musk is approaching the smartphone business from a position of misperception as a consequence of his incomplete knowledge of it, a position he appears very at ease with. Simply stated, Elon Musk’s envisioned smartphone of the future would face competition beyond Apple and Google. Instead, it would have to contend with a crowded, worldwide market of outstanding products produced by well-known businesses that are always developing in the industry.

There is no real precedent that a phone produced by a company Musk owns would be successful based on his underwhelming performance in a good portion of the businesses that he owns, such as the internal reports of Twitter’s potential impending bankruptcy, the Boring Company’s general lack of results, and Neural ink’s ridiculous proposed $10 million implant surgery. Obviously, Tesla’s success is the exception to that rule, but Tesla seems to function best when Musk is not there.

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With all of his firms, including Tesla, Musk overpromises repeatedly, giving the impression that the corporation is always subject to the whims of a kid. Musk does make one valid point: Apple and Google effectively control the app store market on iOS and Android. Twitter would probably die quickly if they removed it from their platforms since most users would go to one of the many other social media applications available in the app stores.

If that happened, Musk would reportedly order a business to begin developing an “alternative smartphone” that would prominently showcase Twitter. It would hardly be a selling point to the general public who would have already switched to other applications by that time, since Twitter would be entirely out of business, except for its browser users who are obstinate Elon Musk supporters.

The Musk/Tesla phone would also need to commit to the years-long, multimillion-dollar process of creating a new phone in order to compete with the rest of the smartphone industry (complete with a brand-new operating system and app store). Like Carl Pei with Nothing, several smartphone startups with a single leader have promoted themselves as competitive alternatives to Apple and Google, but they are all still niche goods that fall short of their stated goals. With Windows Phone, Microsoft attempted to steer its own ship years ago, but the endeavor failed after fewer than ten years.

What evidence is there that Musk could do what Microsoft couldn’t?

Although Musk has a very devoted core of supporters, it’s quite unlikely that they would be sufficient to fund a newcomer to the mobile sector, much alone one that competes with Apple and Google. It would be a significant financial ask for Musk to urge his supporters to give up their iPhones, Pixels, and Galaxy phones in favor of his new smartphone, given how well-established both firms are in the U.S. market.

To his followers, Musk often makes promises that seem good on paper. But these assurances often come to nothing. He said that at this time, humanity would be walking on Mars, but as of last I looked, that was more than ten years ago. In a similar vein, I wouldn’t be shocked if this rumored Tesla Phone is nothing more than a hoax.

Even if Apple and Google were to remove it from their app stores, Musk appears to be a bit too tied down to losing money with Twitter right now, making it seem doubtful that he would dive heavily into the smartphone sector. It seems like the businesses’ app store policies on hate speech and pornographic material would be a much simpler and less expensive solution. What do I know, though? Elon Musk was the one who pushed me to acquire Twitter, not me.

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