Sony Pumps Up PS5 Prices

As If purchasing a PS5 wasn’t difficult enough before, they are suddenly becoming much more pricey. Sony said on Thursday that it would increase the cost of its PS5 gaming systems in a number of nations. The US is not impacted by the price rise, however markets in Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada will see a price increase of around $50 per console.

Sony justifies the increase by blaming it on rising inflation and “unfavorable currency trends” in a statement. Since the PS5 was released in November 2020, problems with the worldwide supply chain have made the system infamously hard to find. When Sony said it will expand production back in May of this year, it briefly seemed as if it would be able to fulfill demand. However, the most recent price change indicates that there are still some delays.

Both Microsoft and Nintendo said they would not be increasing the pricing of their respective systems, the Xbox and the Switch, in response to Sony’s news. Here are several suggestions on how to get a PS5 if you’re still prepared to spend $400 for the digital-only model or $500 for the one with a disc drive.

Here are some more updates from the consumer technology sector:

Apple Will Travel to Mars

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The following Apple product launch event will take place on September 7th. Starting at 10 a.m. PDT, a live broadcast from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino will be broadcast.

Take from this event’s “Far Out” title and starry backdrop what you will; Apple loves to tease the themes of these events by throwing visual cues in the visuals that accompany its announcements. Perhaps it’s a signal that astrophotography capabilities will soon be added to iPhone cameras to compete with those found in Google Pixel phones. It could be an allusion to the business’ campus built on spaceships. Or maybe Apple just thinks space is awesome.

Expect to see a couple variations of the iPhone 14, since Apple often releases new iPhones at their yearly gatherings in September. It’s probable that there will be one or more Apple Watches, since rumors of a future, somewhat enhanced “rugged” Watch have been circulating for months. There probably won’t be any new PCs this time since Apple already revealed its portfolio of new MacBooks at its WWDC presentation earlier this year.

The corporation has just expanded its new repair program to include various Mac computers, so there is some good news about the MacBook. It only applies to M1 MacBooks, and similar to the other items covered by Apple’s self-repair program, it has already drawn criticism for its restrictive nature.

More Information about Meta’s Upcoming VR Headset for PS5

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the next generation of the Meta VR headset will be available in October. Because, of course, he did, he made the announcement on the contentious Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The Quest Pro, a luxury headset that could be expensive, has been mentioned in rumors as the name of the gadget.

Despite the lack of formal specifications, Zuckerberg did hint at a few new aspects of the headgear. A person should be able to establish eye contact in VR environments thanks to the eye- and face-tracking technology. All of this is being done in an attempt to realize Zuckerberg’s metaverse goals, in which he sees frequent VR interactions between individuals. Having technology that combines your genuine facial expressions and emotions should help you seem less like Mark Zuckerberg’s expressionless avatar.

Now, Twitter Is Podcasts

It seems like there is never a dull moment to be on Twitter. In addition to the continuing Elon Musk saga, there is also the recent issue that arose when The Washington Post reported on a whistleblower who claimed that Twitter had several security flaws. Even Nevertheless, Twitter continues to operate normally, and last week it unveiled a brand-new feature: podcasts.

Twitter said on its blog on Thursday that it has begun adding podcast material to its audio-based Spaces feature. Following the success of Clubhouse, Twitter launched Spaces, and it is now extending that audio category to include professionally made sound snippets. You may navigate through a kind of potpourri of bits and portions of podcasts from publications like NPR and Vox Media. Twitter says it is currently testing the function with a small number of users but may soon make it available to everyone.

Move the IRA to the side

The US will be investing $400 billion in the development of green energy technology thanks to the newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act. For those wishing to undertake energy-efficient modifications, this implies tax credits, rebates, and incentives. You may be able to utilize part of these credits to defray the cost of solar panels, an electric car, or greater house insulation.

The only issue is that everything is still a little bit difficult. On this week’s episode of the Gadget Lab podcast, WIRED writers Aarian Marshall and Matt Simon analyze the Inflation Reduction Act and provide advice on possible ways to cut costs on green technology.

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