Poppy Playtime : Don’t Panic, What Parents Really Need To Know About ‘Huggy Wuggy’

You may have noticed an increase in the number of stories regarding the Huggy Wuggy character from the horror survival game Poppy Playtime. This, like the Momo Challenge tales, is generally accompanied by a frightening blue figure with red lips and sharp fangs, as well as warnings about the unsettling or detrimental influence on youngsters. However, no proof linking back to the game has been provided.

Poppy Playtime Game

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Rather, warnings from principals and police have spread disinformation about the game’s substance and possible influence on minors. The majority of the concern is on linked video generated on TikTok and YouTube that depicts the game characters in terrifying settings. One of these clips includes a song, Free Hugs, with lyrics “Cause I could simply embrace you here.

Forever and eternally. “Until you take your last breath. If you are a parent or guardian who is worried about this, it is critical that you understand the game before removing it from your children’s devices. Rather than a knee-jerk response, this is an opportunity to discuss the material with your kid and then make an educated choice with them.

Age Rating for Poppy Playtime

The game itself is a terrifying experience meant to both excite and disturb. The ESRB classified it as appropriate for 13-year-olds while the PEGI assessed it as appropriate for 12-year-olds. This contains ESRB descriptions for Violence and Blood, as well as PEGI descriptors for Moderate Violence and Horror. According to the VSC Rating Board, “this game provides a feeling of menace and dread throughout as the player’s character investigates an abandoned factory.

A monster chases the player’s character through a succession of dark air vents in one dramatic scenario. A hefty box is placed upon a fantastical figure in another scenario, forcing it to fall from a great height. As it descends, blood appears on certain pipes that the character impacts. This is true for the game itself, not any fan-created material. There are also unauthorized fan-made versions of the game on Roblox (Poppy Playtime Morphs) that do not come under the purview of the ESRB or PEGI since they are user-generated material.

It is critical for parents to investigate the source of potentially disturbing information. Not only to verify that the settings on our children’s social media and video accounts are properly established, but also to avoid overreacting to a popular game. The true risk is that tales like Poppy Playtime and the Huggy Wuggy figure, like the Momo Challenge, spiral out of hand.

We’ve already heard tales linking the terrifying Huggy Wuggy mascot to toddlers leaping out of windows or playing breath-holding playground activities. This results in a confusing reaction to legitimate concerns raised by youngsters. If a youngster is barred from playing a game because of a linked video, they are much less likely to approach their parents if anything really terrible occurs online.

The actual risk of this anxious reaction is that it isolates parents from their child’s gaming environment. Much better is to follow rating advice and play the game yourself. We may then be present in our children’s gaming worlds and give educated counsel.

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Poppy Playtime Maker

I chatted with Zach Belanger, President, and CEO of Enchanted Mob, the company that created the Poppy Playtime game. I inquired about the game’s intended audience. “Poppy Playtime was not designed to appeal to a certain demographic. Remember that this was our studio’s debut game, and our major objective was to develop something that we would like to play ourselves.

Aside from that, we are passionate about ensuring that whatever material we make is appealing to audiences of all ages. To us, it’s not realistic to claim that we built Poppy Playtime to be devoured by children or adults, but rather to inspire and delight everyone who chose to play the game. With this in mind, I wondered whether the school warnings had come as a surprise.

“The great bulk of the debate surrounding school warnings concerning the Huggy Wuggy figure is absolutely false and/or highly overblown. One of the things we’ve seen online is that Huggy Wuggy whispers scary things into your ear while playing, but everyone who has played Poppy Playtime knows that Huggy Wuggy doesn’t even have a voice in Chapter 1, so he couldn’t have muttered anything.

As far as we are aware, all of these school warnings are originating from fan-created content based on our game, but if you want my personal opinion, I do not believe any of these videos should be cause for concern, and we appreciate all of the hard work and dedication our fans are putting toward creating content inspired by Poppy Playtime.”

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Creator of the Huggy Wuggy Song

Igor Gordiyenko, also known as TryHardNinja on YouTube, created one of the most popular pieces of fan material. He wrote the contentious Huggy Wuggy song, which has received over 5 million views. I inquired about the song’s inspiration and the meaning behind the lyrics. “I composed the song in response to the narrative and legend of Huggy Wuggy from the game Poppy Playtime.

In the game, the player explores a toy factory where all of the staff have vanished and some of the toys that were produced there have turned into scary killer monsters. Huggy Wuggy is one of the game’s adversary creatures. ‘He’ll squeeze you ’til you pop,’ says the jingle in the game and on the music. I felt it would be clever to take the original jingle, which references embracing forever and turn it into a more evident dark version to be more accurate to his new nasty identity as a result of the game’s event.

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I asked him what he thought about the reaction to the song and the warnings that were making headlines. “I absolutely understand the anxiety as a parent. I didn’t write the song with the goal of frightening little children. It’s a song based on a monster from the teen-friendly indie horror game Poppy Playtime. My video is aimed at the same demographic. The ideas and aesthetics of my song and video are authentic to the character’s mythology, actions, and portrayal in the game.

I’m not attempting to make an innocent figure seem more frightening than they are. Huggy Wuggy, like Chucky from Child’s Play, is and has always been a horror figure. My music is intended for admirers of the original material, which is not suitable for young children. I asked him what he had done to prevent younger children from seeing the video. “As a YouTube creator, I have done all in my power to ensure that the video is not seen by children under the age of 13.

The video has been labeled “Not for youngsters” since its posting. I’ve been performing my own frequent sweeps of YouTube Kids since allegations of the music being delivered there began around a month ago, and I’ve never discovered that video or song. I understand how my movie being suggested to young children would be alarming and improper, but all evidence indicates that earlier claims claiming it’s on YouTube Kids are untrue.

What advice would he provide to parents who were concerned about their children discovering the song and being distressed by it? “As a parent, if, after doing everything possible to filter out this information, it still slips through, I would sit with my kid and speak to them about what they saw, their emotions, and reassure them that Huggy Wuggy is a made-up character who can’t damage them.

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Safeguarding Children

Parents and experts may better aid youngsters by teaching them appropriate behaviors online rather than alerting them about particular hazards such as Momo or Huggy Wuggy. Fostering an environment of openness and honesty regarding internet activities allows children to flourish. It’s good checking in with them if you spot them switching screens on their gadgets when approached, or if you detect new phone numbers or email addresses on their devices.

Keep video games and YouTube viewing to common family areas. In video games, you may also limit access to friends and user-generated material, which may include Poppy Playtime-related add-ons. Also, make sure that Restricted mode is enabled for your child’s account so that this material is not accessible to them.



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