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Dossier Perfumes’ Good Girl is So Popular: The Dark Allure of a Bad Girl Perfume

How do you feel about perfume? Do you like the light, clean scents that let your personality shine through, or do you want something more bold and more distinctive? If you’re the latter, Dossier Perfumes’ Good Girl might be just the scent for you. This perfume is dark and mysterious, with an undeniably sexy appeal to it that will help you stand out from the crowd. Its fragrance notes combine notes of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, orchid, and lemon in order to create a scent that’s both sweet and spicy at the same time.

What makes Dossier Perfumes’ Good Girl so popular?

Dossier Perfumes’ Good Girl perfume features notes of leather, vetiver, and vanilla. Why do you think it has been so popular? There are many reasons why customers enjoy this fragrance. For starters, it features notes that are traditionally masculine scents like leather, vetiver, and vanilla. Its sweet scent adds an interesting twist to typical colognes which makes the Dossier Good Girl perfect for both men and women who want something new but with depth.

What does Dossier Good Girl smell like?

Dossier Perfumes’ Good Girl starts with the classic fruity and flowery notes and mixes it up with subtle woodsy scents that give the fragrance depth. Overall, the perfume smells sweet but not cloying, fresh without smelling too green, and delicate without being submissive. This makes it surprisingly versatile; though many people love wearing perfumes to work or other professional environments, Good Girl offers something fresh yet just as sexy. If you want to show off your femininity without giving off an innocent vibe, or if you like flirting with danger, you’ll love Dossier Perfumes ‘Good Girl. All in all. Dossier Perfumes’ good girl smells like cherries dipped in chocolate, making it sweet and absolutely irresistible.

How does Dossier Good Girl make you feel?

The moment I first smelled Dossier Perfumes’ Good Girl perfume, I knew it was the scent for me. It smells clean, but also so sensual and alluring. To me, it smells like getting naughty with my beau in a pristine white bathroom with fresh laundry hanging on the line outside. The dark allure of this bad girl perfume makes me feel alive and invigorated, not to mention super sexy. If you’re looking for something that will make you feel good about yourself, then I highly recommend that you try out this new fragrance from Dossier Perfumes.

In order to get my hands on some, I first had to find out where it was sold. It turns out that you can find Dossier Perfumes online and at various department stores, including Nordstrom and Belk. You can also purchase it directly from Dossier’s website for $65 for 3.4 oz. /100 ML. To me, it’s well worth it to have my own bottle of Dossier Good Girl perfume since I feel so confident and sexy whenever I wear it. And at such an affordable price, why wouldn’t you want your own bottle?

What are some alternative fragrances?

Dossier Perfumes’ Good Girl has garnered much praise for its unapologetic nature and bold fragrance. But there are other, equally exciting options out there that are just as different from the conventional crowd. Why not try something that embodies your rebellious side or creative spirit? These scents include one which is pure and bright (Eau de Cartier), one with a floral sweetness (Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps), one with citrus notes (D&G Light Blue), and one with an unusual mix of fruity, spicy, herbaceous smells (Kenzo Amour), one with warm musky undertones (Tom Ford Noir) and another that features a woody fragrance at the base with hints of spices like cinnamon and cardamom (Narciso Rodriguez For Her).  A few more perfumes to consider when looking for an alternative to Dossier’s Good Girl include Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel No.

How can I buy Dossier Good Girl?

Want to try Dossier Good Girl, but don’t know where to get it? Here’s what you need to know.

  • You can purchase the perfume online and it will be shipped straight to your door.
  • It comes in a 50mL size or a 25mL travel size and can be purchased in either a plastic tube or bottle.
  • There are also additional products available on their website like candles and lotions with similar scents.
  • Want a new fragrance for your man? They have that too! Dossier Good Girl cologne for men comes in an 8.4oz bottle, so you’ll never forget about him!
  • Give Dossier Good Girl as a gift by adding on some extras like t-shirts and keychains.

Dossier Good Girl is a long-lasting scent

I was recently introduced to Dossier Perfumes, and I am beyond impressed with how long the fragrance lasts. I love wearing scents that make me feel empowered, and their newest fragrance, Good Girl, exceeded my expectations by FAR. It reminds me of those high-end perfumes my mom would wear when she wanted to feel sexy for an evening out. However, Good Girl gives you that feeling every day when you wear it! One spritz and your entire body will smell like this delicious blend for about eight hours – impressive for any perfume! You don’t need to slather it on either – one or two spritzes will have people thinking you are leaving a trail in your wake 😉 What I loved most about this fragrance though?

The bottle appears elegant of Dossier Good Girl without being excessive.

The Dossier Good Girl perfume bottle appears elegant but not excessive. It reflects the same characteristics as its fragrance, showcasing an upscale and feminine design. From afar, the perfume bottle looks like gold with a pearlescent finish; it shimmers in the light. It’s eye-catching without being pretentious – which is fitting for its slogan, an expensive scent without the price tag. The neckline has Swarovski crystals that cut like diamonds. If you peer into the neckline of the perfume bottle, there are two smaller circles, one inside of the other, that appear to be peacock feathers sparkling in each one of them – these smaller circles make up what seems to be an infinity sign at first glance.

Dossier Perfume Good Girl Reviews

A potent mix of heather, apricot, and vanilla with sultry pink pepper and smoky amber, this fragrance is downright sensual. – Dossier Perfumes’ Good Girl Suitability for different people has it’s benefits. Dossier Good Girl isn’t the scent for everyone but I’m sure there are enough gals out there who enjoy it because the reviews seem to be predominantly positive! You’re not going to find many products that are as popular as Dossier Good Girl and have such high ratings.


The Dossier Good Girl perfume has a dark allure to it. I’m not sure why, but the seductive scent draws you in. For me, it started as something I found intriguing, only to find myself wanting to be just as mysterious and sensual as the fragrance itself. It takes one step – you can buy your own Dossier Good Girl at the first step

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