Best Real Estate Marketing Companies in 2023

By properly promoting their services, listings, and brand, real estate marketing businesses assist agents, teams, and brokerages in generating more business. To speed up and automate marketing initiatives, these businesses offer technologies like email marketing, social media, websites, and client relationship management (CRM) platforms. The top six alternatives were chosen after extensive research into hundreds of real estate marketing firms, taking into account cost, features, support, and client feedback.

  • Constant Contact: Best for generating business through affordable email marketing
  • Elevate: Ideal for agents who want to increase their social media presence
  • iNCOM: Great marketing platform to create lead-generating real estate websites
  • Fiverr: Best platform for agents to build out a budget-friendly marketing team

Constant Contact: Best for Affordable Email Marketing

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  • No credit card required for the free trial
  • Public relations services included
  • Money-back guarantee available


  • No IDX integration
  • Website builder not provided
  • Customer service only during business hours

Online real estate marketing company Constant Contact offers businesses strong tools to develop stronger connections with their audience and carry out digital marketing initiatives. A real estate agent may interact with potential leads and turn them into possibilities with the use of real estate marketing tools including email marketing, ecommerce platforms, SMS text messaging, and CRM. Tools for automation and analytics let agents measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities while also increasing audience engagement.

Constant Contact is one of the top real estate marketing services for generating revenue through cost-effective email marketing because of how simple it is to implement email marketing campaigns. Agents may test out the platform for 60 days without committing to a premium plan thanks to the availability of a free trial.

With the help of the straightforward drag-and-drop tool, agents can design aesthetically appealing emails and program the platform to send emails automatically to new contacts, subscribers, or even birthday recipients. Agents may upload and maintain contact information in the contact management system, and the contact list can be organized by categories, activities, and profile details.

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Elevate: Ideal for Increasing Social Media Presence

Elevate: Ideal for Increasing Social Media Presence
Elevate: Ideal for Increasing Social Media Presence


  • Three subscription plans are available.
  • There are options for print mail.
  • Products geared targeting brokers, teams, and agents


  • No money-back promise
  • No such mobile application exists.
  • module for brokerages’ hiring

Elevate helps the development of real estate leads through client partnership in technology and digital marketing. Agents have a choice of six products: Social Pro, DMS, DMS Pro, Elite, Elite Pro, and Boss. In addition to DMS’s ability to capture, engage, and convert leads, Social Pro automates social media marketing to aid in business expansion. Boss is a tool for increasing brokerage efficiency, while Elite is an IDX website with a CRM add-on.

Elevate’s Social Pro solution is one of the company’s outstanding goods. It gives real estate brokers access to automated social media marketing services while expanding their network and, as a result, their clientele. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube can include real estate branding that is specifically tailored, with automatic posts of listing content and lifestyle information that has been acquired on the agent’s behalf.

iNCOM: Great for Creating Lead Generating Real Estate Websites


  • Included were customizable landing pages
  • SMS advertising is possible
  • offered money-back guarantee


  • No free trial is offered
  • There is no mobile app
  • No live chat help is available

With the help of iNCOM, real estate websites and internet marketing platforms may be customized. Both individual agents and brokerages can use the all-in-one platform. In order to produce buyer and seller leads, the platform uses pay-per-click lead generation using Google and Facebook Ads, while the CRM gathers and nurtures prospects through automated drip email campaigns.

Additionally, iNCOM creates real estate websites that are search engine optimized (SEO), complete with lead generation and lead collection capabilities including visitor registration, customized landing pages, and lead forms. By choosing one of the interchangeable, ready-made templates, the website may be launched. Because of its simplicity of use and lifetime client support, iNCOM’s real estate website has been recognized as one of the top marketing platforms for developing lead-generating websites.

Fiverr: Best for Budget-friendly Marketing Team

Fiverr: Best for Budget-friendly Marketing Team
Fiverr: Best for Budget-friendly Marketing Team


  • 24-hour customer service is offered
  • help with every social media platform
  • There is no commitment to ongoing initiatives.


  • No trial period or subscription offer
  • No IDX integration is available
  • Call support is not available.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers may be hired on a project-by-project basis to do marketing services for real estate brokers. The website lists a number of in-demand expert services, including voice-over work, website construction, video creation, and logo design.

Fiverr enables real estate professionals to receive high-quality marketing work completed fast and cheaply, in contrast to other marketing firms for realtors. There are no hourly pricing; all projects are charged on a per-project basis. Agents will therefore be aware of the price up front, and money won’t be issued until the job is authorized.

Agents with tight budgets may use the Fiverr marketplace to swiftly initiate and finish a la carte marketing initiatives by hiring freelancers. It is reassuring to know that there is help available around-the-clock for any questions. You can always meet your marketing demands when freelance marketing experts are only a few clicks away, which enables you to assemble an affordable freelance marketing team.


To meet their demands, real estate agents must choose the best real estate marketing company. Having a predetermined marketing strategy makes it easier to decide if your marketing goals are to raise brand awareness, gather and nurture leads, or have a stronger web presence. Each of the real estate marketing firms that were reviewed contains elements that help business growth and is built for real estate activities.

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