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How to be aware of Drug Addicts

Drug addicts are more common than most people would like to believe. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, over 2 million Americans suffer from dependence on illegal drugs, and approximately 4 million more abuse prescription drugs, so drug addiction can be pretty scary if you’re not prepared to deal with it or recognize the warning signs in your own life. However, there are several things you can do to stay safe and protect your loved ones from drug addicts in your community. Here are five ways to be more aware of drug addicts in your area and how to avoid the dangers they pose.

Learn Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addicts

If you’re a parent or sibling and think your loved one might be struggling with addiction, it’s time to take notice. There are physical signs and symptoms as well as behavioral changes that can help you decide if addiction is at the root of some negative changes in personality or behavior. Your loved one may seem distracted, more irritable, and less talkative than usual. They may be isolating themselves more and complaining about not being able to sleep. These can all be early warning signs that they are using drugs (including alcohol). If they seem unusually happy, trying to escape from feelings by drinking excessively or taking a lot of drugs, it could be an indicator too. Be aware of Drug Addicts in your life today!

Learn About Harmful Effects of Drug Addicts

The harmful effects of drug addicts are usually very visible, though they are often underestimated. Drug addiction can cause the addict to lose or start a new job, commit a crime, stop caring for themselves and their family members and even leave home. Sometimes the addict will go missing altogether. Drug addicts also have an increased risk for certain mental health disorders and overdose is one way these disorders can come into full force. It’s hard to be more aware without knowing more about drugs and drug addicts because people with drug addictions show few warning signs when trying not to get caught. That’s why being aware of these kinds of people is so important – it may save your life or the life of someone you love.

Know where you are Vulnerable

Many people, often unaware of the risks, walk around a drug addict in the same way they might see an anemone on the bottom of a cliff. They may be wary and avoid it – but still, come into contact with it through their children or when you’re jogging past the alley. It’s hard for a person not addicted to drugs not to be aware of Drug Addicts that have been slipping through society unnoticed and shamed in fear-fueled shame. Here are five things you can do:

  • Recognize that anyone could one day be Drug Addict and you could risk addiction by exposure.
  • Keep your loved ones away from Drug Addicts.
  • Be aware of Drug Addicts in your community and your neighborhood.
  • Be empathetic toward the Drug Addict
  • Try to get help for yourself or someone else if you suspect they are struggling with drug addiction

Avoid Impulsive Behaviors of Drug Addicts

Drug addicts need a constant stream of money and so they may resort to robbery, fraud, or other illegal activities. In order to protect your finances from these criminals, always be vigilant when in public. It is important not to leave your purse unattended or sit down on a bench where you might be surrounded by people who could do harm. Being more aware will help make the world safer for everyone involved.

Also, when going about your daily routines such as grocery shopping or taking the bus don’t offer up any personal information such as credit card information or bank account details. Giving out this kind of data without knowing who you are talking with can quickly become dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

It is also important not to be fooled by sob stories from drug addicts. If you do have a friend or loved one who you suspect is abusing drugs, avoid giving them money for any reason. Don’t help them with rent, food, or even bus fare. These people can turn around and use those items to fuel their addiction. Even if they say they need it for bills or rent; always try and help someone in need directly instead of giving them money so they can get their own essentials. There are always other options out there that don’t involve drugs and criminal behavior! Always remember that!

Get Help if you Suspect Someone is using Drugs

If you suspect someone is using drugs, get help. This can be the person, the individual’s family, or friends. People use drugs for many reasons: some people may want to forget their problems; others may feel depressed, anxious, or have low self-esteem. One way you can try and provide help is by calling SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

The staff there can connect you with resources in your area that specialize in addiction treatment. If the suspected drug user doesn’t want help, offer it anyways—you may be surprised how receptive they are after all is said and done. In order to provide aid and assistance in treating drug addiction, locate the substance abuse specialist nearest you.

Youth, Drugs, and Crime

There are many steps that youth can take to stay away from drugs and avoid becoming addicted. Drug addicts will often mask their addiction and it is difficult for people to recognize their signs. The 5 most important things for a parent or a friend are:

  • Keep an eye out for these telltale signs
  • Talk with them and ask them questions
  • Give good advice on how they can get help
  • Convince them they have the power to change their habits
  • Make sure they know you’re there to support them. It’s never too late to be aware of drug addicts and all their tricks.

Drug Use and Trends

Drug use is a problem in the United States and the numbers continue to increase. The popularity of drugs varies by region, but there are some drugs that are popular everywhere. As drug addiction continues to be a serious public health problem, it’s important for people who live in high-risk areas and for people who may have close ties with addicts to be more aware of the risks. If you know someone who abuses drugs or exhibits risky behavior like theft or prostitution, here are five things you can do.

FAQs about Drugs & Drug Addicts

How can I be more aware of drug addicts?

As a society, we cannot ignore drug addiction. The sooner you can identify the signs, the better your ability will be to reach out and help an addict.

Can anyone become addicted?

Yes, all types of people from any social background are susceptible.

How long does it take for someone to become addicted?

Addiction is often associated with those who have tried drugs before. Once they try drugs and find that their brain reacts positively to it, they may choose to experiment more frequently and use drugs habitually or compulsively in order to get that initial pleasurable response. Drug addicts don’t just stop using drugs once they’re hooked either.

For example, when trying to stop cocaine abuse, drug addicts must go through withdrawal which usually involves mental stress and cravings as well as physical symptoms like stomach cramps and headaches.

 When do Drug Addicts start using drugs?

It’s never too early for children to be introduced to drug education at school so that if they ever come into contact with them in their teen years then there will already be knowledgeable on how to deal with it.

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