Google Flights Says These Are The Best Times To Book Travel

There are various recommendations about when to purchase Google Flights for the best price. You may use these Google Flights methods instead of surfing in incognito mode or hunting for super-secret bargains. These suggestions are the outcome of a five-year analysis of flight pricing.

Fly throughout the week

According to Google Flights, flying in the middle of the week may result in flight savings of up to 20%. Wednesday may provide the most inexpensive airfares, but Sunday through Tuesday are ideal for budget travel.

Schedule Google Flights During the Week

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Aside from traveling during the workweek, you should also consider purchasing tickets on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. When comparing flight rates, Saturdays and Sundays are the most costly days. While the average savings over the last five years has been 1.9%, the price difference adds up over many trips or if you have a big travel party.

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Avoid last-minute reservations

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It goes without saying, but booking a flight at the last minute implies you’re more likely to pay the highest pricing. Furthermore, you will not have the greatest departure times or seat choices. Instead, consider reserving 44 days in advance, however, the cheapest discounts are usually available 21 to 60 days in advance.

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However, the low-cost technique may alter somewhat during busy travel months such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break. Instead, these are the optimal booking windows for certain trip weeks:

  • Thanksgiving: The average price ranges from 36 to 74 days, with 52 days having the lowest average price.
  • Christmas: 20 to 88 days, with 22 days being the shortest average.
  • Spring Break: 23 to 59 days, with 38 days being the most common (domestic trips)
  • Summer vacation (July and August): 14 to 44 days, with a national average of 21 days.
  • If your trip plans are flexible, you might hunt for last-minute discounts by perusing airline online offers. It is possible to wind up in a thrilling fall vacation place.

When Is the Best Time to Book International Flights?

Flying internationally may need to be more active since the early bird is more likely to get the worm. Instead of being able to locate the lowest average price 44 days in advance, you will need to be at least two to four months ahead.

  • The optimum time to book is determined by your destination:
  • From the United States to Mexico or the Caribbean: 37 to 87 days, with 59 days being the best average.
  • From the United States to Europe: On average, from 50 to 179 days with 129 days off.

Select a Layover

When choosing between uninterrupted service and an itinerary with stops, the itinerary with layovers usually costs 20% less. You must consider if the savings are worth the layover window, connecting airport, and flight timings. Planning ahead of time for Google flights might help you get the greatest deals. It also enables you to keep track of rates until you’re ready to book your ticket. You might also consider packing just a carry-on to prevent misplaced or delayed checked luggage.

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Examine Price Alerts

Many travel booking services, like Google Flights, offer price prediction features that show the historical average price for your trip dates. This indicator helps identify whether the current ticket price is higher, average, or lower than the historical trend. While future prices may not always follow the pattern, if you need to save money, it may be worth waiting a few days for a better deal.


For the greatest rates, try researching Google Flights or flying early or late in the week. Prices often rise as the workweek finishes and people go for relaxed weekend getaways. Booking ahead of time also helps, and you may discover fantastic bargains up to one week before travel.



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